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Products We Carry

Let us help you find what your looking for by giving us a call to see if we have in stock.

All the different types of handguns and brands you enjoy shooting.

Golden Triggers' selection of rifles features a wide variety of styles and calibers.

Here at the Golden Trigger we provide our customers with

 the finest & most meticulous gunsmithing and repair work in the Lehigh Valley.

Batons, Key Entry Lights, Scabbards, Scorpions, Pepper Spray, High-Power Flashlights, MACE Pepper Spray, MACE Gel Spray, Homeland Defese Foggers, Homeland Defense Pepper Spray, Sabre 300,000/200,000/120,0000 Stun Guns, Taser Equipment Sales

Hollow Point, Power Ball, Glaser Safety Slugs, Mag-Safe, Federal "Hydro-Shok," Federal "Managed Recoil," & Self Defense Ammo

We carry brands like: Uncle Mike's, Galco, Bianchi, Safari Land, Don Hume, Fobus, Blackhawk

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